THV Compozit Windows & Doors announced the acquisition of Paragon Door Designs. According to the announcement, the acquisition gives THV Compozit a line of premiere entryway products, while offering coast-to-coast distribution and added support for regional distribution. Charles L. Smith, CEO of THV Compozit, talked to DWM magazine today to offer more details regarding the purchase.

He says the company identified a need for a door program a few years back and this acquisition offers its customers the opportunity to purchase both its door and window products from one supplier.

“Often a company buys windows from one company and doors from another and coordinating the two is often a hassle for the remodeler,” says Smith.

THV began pre-hanging its own doors about two years ago but it was a limited program. “We decided to start out small before learning to run so to speak,” he says. “It was so highly successful that we were swamped and were surprised about how successful it was even in a slow economy.”

Smith says the company was considering expanding its door line by adding more manufacturing space, but was lucky in that Paragon and THV share Louisville, Ky., as their headquarter city so an interesting opportunity presented itself.

“I knew David Burks, Paragon CEO, for a number of years, and they happened to be pre-hanging the same product we were but doing it for 20 years,” says Smith. “It was a no brainer for us to talk to them about a possible merger.”

As a result, the company has shut down its small door fabrication facility in North Dakota but continues to make windows there.

‘The people who lost their jobs in the door plant have now bolstered our staff in window manufacturing so we are expanding there ten times fold,” says Smith.

“Overall, this just creates a lot of opportunity for us,” he adds.



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