The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Summer Technical Conference continued today with meetings of the Glass Safety Awareness Council and the IGMA Certification and Education Committee and a presentation by Tim Snow and David Goldwasser of Tim Snow and David Goldwasser.

The presentation, titled “OpenStudio Building Thermal Modeling Using Google Sketchup,” looked at advanced thermal modeling and design using Sketchup and the OpenStudio plugin and suite of tools, which was developed by NREL. NREL staff demonstrated the use of Sketchup’s 3D modeling capabilities with the new OpenStudio additions to determine various aspects of design, including daylighting values, energy and thermal information.

“The purpose of the software is to give the user a comprehensive group of advanced tools that gives immediate access to technical information about the energy model they are creating,” said Snow. “The value of the information helps the designer make the most appropriate choices for their specific situation.”

“The presentation opened our attendees up to next generation ways of finding real-world figures in a fast and easy way,” added Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director. “The advances in the software, paired with the creation of an online repository of thermal models product information and more, create several possibilities for the industry.”

Today’s technical meetings covered a range of issues from sealant adhesion to the creation of new online presentations related to insulating glazing technologies and standards.

The Technical Conference, being held in Ottawa, Canada, concludes tomorrow with a meeting of the IGMA Board of directors.

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