The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Summer Technical Conference continued today with a meeting of the Emerging Technology and Innovation Committee and a presentation by Ken Rubis of Dow Corning about cold bent insulating glass units.

Four separate task groups met as part of the activities.

“Today’s focus was primarily on getting a lot of work done,” says Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director. “We are working on new information on gas permeability and testing, vacuum insulating glazing and our ongoing projects with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the life cycle assessment of IGUs. That work will come to fruition over the next few years and directly lead to even more advanced and better products in the industry.”

During Rubis’ presentation, attendees saw videos of unit testing and evaluation of just how far a unit can be bent and perform as required. “One of the keys with cold bent glass is discovering where the stress is and understanding how to manage that,” said Rubis.

Several attendees brought up issues with bending of units on the jobsite and the adverse issues it could create.

The Technical Conference will continue through Thursday.


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