MI Windows and Doors (MIWD) announced that it will be closing its manufacturing plant located in Smyrna, Tenn., where there currently are 103 employees. The company anticipates that the operation will be closed by the fall of 2012.

“This move is by no means a reflection upon the performance of our team in Smyrna, but rather is part of our long-term strategy to consolidate our operations into three manufacturing centers located in Arizona, Texas and Pennsylvania,” says

Matt DeSoto, chief operating officer of MIWD. “We will continue to service our Smyrna customers from our remaining facilities and are still fully committed to growing our market presence in the southeastern United States.”

He adds, “Our team at MIWD continues forward with our primary goal of delivering a best-in-class experience for our customer.”



  1. Sad to see the closing of this plant. I am a current purchaser of MI products, but I go back to when this was the Better Built plant. You could set your watch for their deliveries and the ladies in customer service were the best !
    Many fond memories. Sincerely Jeff Carlson Multi-Housing Window & Door Inc.

  2. Me and my husband met and married back in ’93 when he was in his 7th year of employment with MI,it was Better-Bilt back then,he has been there for 26 years now and he has many great memories of working there on the shipping dock and playing basketball during lunch back in the day.Better-Bilt/MI has been really good to us for many years and it’s really sad to know that my husband is losing his job; a job he has depended on to support his family for years,the 120 mile round trip drive he drove to work every day was worth it to him.He is going to miss the friends he made over the years and still thinks about the ones who passed away; a lot of good memories for sure but we will be ok and he will find another job,he has a great work record with MI.
    Sincerely, an employees’ wife

  3. all of MI window & doors is sorry as hell. they let go of people who had been there since the door open and gave there job to some one else that who only had been there a year. the supervisors are hateful and lazy there are some hard workers at betterbilt who got treated wrong people like Tommy Kernail Tommy Miles John Drake Diane Locke and Erik Mckee and others they are in my prayers. Mike Reynolds and JR should be ashamed of there selfs the way they treated those people I have no respect for them

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