The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a finalized update to the Vision and Guiding Principles for Energy Star products. Input provided on the draft update informed a number of refinements to the document, reported the EPA. Some of these include:

Focus on Energy Efficiency. The EPA says a broad range of stakeholders supported the Energy Star program’s continued focus on energy efficiency and delivering savings to consumers without sacrifice in performance or quality. While there was general agreement that Energy Star products should be of the same or better quality than non-labeled products, industry comments raised concerns about how and when the Agency might address product attributes not directly related to energy consumption. According to the announcement, EPA remains interested in protecting the Energy Star label against any association with undesirable products, but has adjusted the Vision and Guiding Principles to include more explicit conditions that would prompt the Agency to address consumer benefit attributes on a product-by-product basis.

Product Certification and Verification. According to the statement, EPA’s new third-party certification program was the subject of significant comment. Industry feedback raised concerns ranging from potential duplication of effort to unwarranted added testing burden. EPA says as its gains more experience with the on-going verification testing element of the program, adjustments will be considered as warranted by the results for different product categories.

A more detailed comment response document is also available on the Energy Star website.


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