Seven-D Industries in Hollidaysburg, Pa., has been named a Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) site by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). According to a company, being a part of the program is a way to improve the overall safety of employees and reduce its accident rate.

“We became aware of the program after receiving a letter from OSHA. We were located in Patton, Pa., when we first initiated the program,” explains Mike Pettenati, Seven-D general manager. “We contacted Samuel Gualardo, IUP program director, who responded by sending Jon Pina (a consultant) and Dane Sprankle (also a consultant) out to our plant. We quickly jumped on board and started writing new policies and procedure to comply with the program.”

Pettenati says the company also fixed or eliminated any possible safety hazards in the plant.

“After about a year the procedures where all complete and we were ready to go but we had one thing stopping us: accidents,” says Pettenati. “Our accident dart rate was too high for us to qualify as a SHARP company. We put the program on hold when a decision was made to move all our manufacturing plants to our new building located here in Hollidaysburg. After we got settled in, our safety manager Ron Nueheart called Samuel to get the ball rolling again.”

He says once again the consultants returned and “this time we had gone a whole year with out accidents. Thanks to our management, employees, and IUP. We reached our goal and today we will be awarded our flag.”

According to Pettenati the company is stronger and safer since becoming SHARP.

“We are proud to say that we are now 1 out of 50 companies in Pennsylvania to receive the award. Although this is our first year we plan on having many more accident free years. I feel that our flag will fly for many years to come. Attitude is the key to safety and our employees have great attitudes.”


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