The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has published AAMA CW-10-12, “Care and Handling of Architectural Aluminum from Shop to Site.” The document was updated from the 2004 version and covers care and handling of architectural aluminum products from mill to fabricator to job site through project completion.

“Fabricated aluminum used in architectural applications is highly susceptible to damage from improper handling, storage, physical contact with other objects and contamination,” says Steve Wilkening of Tubelite Inc., chair of the AAMA CW-10-04 Review and Update Task Group. “CW-10-12 provides recommendations for proper care and handling to ensure that aluminum products go through the entire manufacturing, finishing, fabrication, delivery and installation phases without incurring damage that could affect performance or appearance.”

CW-10-12 was updated to contain new sections on visual inspections and care after building completion, as well as inclusion of information regarding damage or defects found on aluminum materials. Other revisions to the manual include updates to tabletop materials in “Care During Fabrication” and the addition of language regarding necessary precautions to consider in “Care Prior to Building Completion.”

Additionally, the section “Finishes for Architectural Aluminum” was removed from the revised CW-10-12, but will be reviewed by AAMA’s AMC Anodic/Painted Finishes Task Group for possible inclusion in an updated version of AAMA AFPA-91, “Anodic Finishes/Painted Aluminum.”



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