The International Code Council (ICC) reviewed proposed changes to the International Building Code’s (IBC) Section 2603.4.1.8, related to exterior doors, and passed them as part of proposal FS 184-12 submitted by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) of Washington, D.C. The hearings are taking place this week in Dallas.

Jeff Inks, vice president of code and regulatory affairs for WDMA, proposed the following revision to the IBC Section 2603.4.1.8 Exterior Doors in Buildings of Group R-2 or R-3: “In occupancies classified as Group R-2 or R-3, foam-filled exterior doors to individual dwelling units that do not require a fire-resistance rating shall be faced with aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood or other approved materials.” The revision added the words “aluminum, steel, fiberglass” to the section.

“The language in this section has remained unchanged since at least the 2000 IBC,” Inks said. “We are attempting to revise the provisions to be more consistent with the most common type of these insulating doors that are used in residential construction. Typically, steel and fiberglass facing doors are being used without the need for special approval. The provisions in this section should expressly provide for the use of these doors, rather than imply that special approval is required.”

The Fire Safety Code Committee approved the proposal as submitted by WDMA by a vote of 10-3.

The ICC’s code development hearings run through May 8. Stay tuned to for more from the hearings.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I’m glad that they are updating the fire code equipment to make us all a lot safer. This is definitely a good idea.

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