You might ask, “What does the Presidential race have to do with selling replacement windows?” The answer in the past has been “plenty.” Presidential candidates typically pay the highest media rates for TV, radio, and other media outlets. For home improvement companies and remodelers that generate these types of media leads, the fall season tends to be much softer.

In the past, the Presidential election has resulted in a less-than-stellar year, and it also has remodelers trying to figure out different ways to generate leads–and often these leads are less effective and provide less ROI.

However, with the roller-coaster of an economy we have been on, I am optimistic that this Presidential election is not going to result in a soft fall season. In fact, I am predicting that this year will finally be “the year.” This is the year we are going to break out and build solid sales and momentum.

Because of the different challenges remodelers, home improvement companies, and even manufacturers, have suffered through, we have gotten extremely creative in our advertising, in our promotions and in our selling. We have been through so much as an industry, that the Presidential race and how it swallows up our media time and drives up our media rates, is now viewed as a small speed bump rather than a major challenge.

Many experts have told me that this is going to be a typical Presidential election year. But, I don’t think anyone predicted the ups and downs we have gone through over the past several years.

So again, I make my own prediction and say, “This year will finally be the year!” This year is going to be our industry sales building block year. This is the year we break out of our ruts. And at the end of it, if I am proven wrong, it won’t matter, because I’m going to have a great time proving myself right.

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  1. Cub fans are exhibiting the same optimism!

  2. Can’t say I completely disagree with you, Tyson. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in incoming orders this year, well ahead of where we normally would see it. I’m not sure what’s driving it, but the mild winter certainly isn’t hurting. Traditionally, we see a softening in the Fall of an election year, but I think it has less to do with the lack of advertising time than it has to do with consumers taking a “wait and see” position until after the election. So, I’m saying: strong spring and summer, and weak September and October, with a rebound in November (possibly December, if the weather holds). This is all assuming Europe doesn’t derail in the meantime.

  3. I agree Tyson! We are seeing some positive signs in the market as well!

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