Jason Barr, president of improveit! 360, spoke during Fenestration Day yesterday on the subject of maximizing the success of the dealer network. The event took place in San Antonio at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel.

“Dealers have too much to juggle so they often drop marketing and lead management,” said Barr. “They get lost in the chaos and it gets very chaotic and stressful to manage this maze day-in and day-out.”

He gave an example of a company that gave out ten quotes, but did zero follow ups.

“Seventy percent of sales people never follow up,” he said. “They are not stupid and they are not lazy and they want to improve profits. How can we help them sell more of your windows?”

Barr added, “Help your dealers and at the manufacturer level you will see growth.”

He also talked about the importance of not just keeping leads in the drawer and forgetting to go back to them.

“Why are you putting leads in a box and keeping them if you don’t think there is value to be had?”

Websites are another important tool he said is often overlooked.

“A lot of manufacturers have these great websites, but the dealers don’t direct people to them,” Barr said.

He told his audience to focus on having an automated system.

“Sticky notes can’t send an email. White boards can’t send an email,” he said. “You can send an email saying, ‘by the way did you know I also sell these other products.’”

He told them to centrally manage everything.

“Dashboards on our vehicles help us meet the target. Why don’t we have dashboards to show where we are today and where we need to get to?”

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