As homeowners being to receive their tax refund checks, are they taking this money and using it for purchases of doors and windows ? Are window companies using tax season as a promotional opportunity? It seems many are not, though it may be just a case of an opportunity they hadn’t thought of until now.

Dan Wolt, president of Zen Windows, based in Columbus, Ohio, says he doesn’t run promotions of any kind.

“I have heard customers say to me they were waiting for their tax refund to make a purchase but it has been so few that it wouldn’t make sense for me to do a promotion based around that,” he says.

Others haven’t done so, but think it’s a good idea and may implement for next year.

“I have never used income tax returns as a ‘call to action,’” says Mark Milanese, owner Milanese Remodeling in Coatesville, Pa. “I am not sure why I never thought to do that, after all, I know tax refund checks are the impetus for so much of our work in late winter and early spring.”

Although he doesn’t necessarily do specific promotional campaigns based on tax refunds, he does step up his efforts in the spring.

“I do gear up my marketing efforts in late winter and early spring and that is, coincidently enough, tax time–the same time they have money in their pocket from Uncle Sam.”

Shane Schuckman, managing partner, Renewal by Andersen of Las Vegas/Phoenix, says he has never run a promotion based on this concept but has thought of other ideas related to tax season. He has not yet implemented them, though.

“I’ve thought about having a promotion from April 1-15 with the message being “This tax season, we’ll pay your sales tax,” he says.

Schuckman also is gearing up for what follows tax season.

“I did a creative promotion a few years ago that worked decent. It was a spring promo and the incentive was to replace your windows this spring and we’ll pay your highest summer electric bill,” he recalls.

If you run promotions around tax time or if this is an article that has sparked some ideas, post a comment here.


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