Champion Windows and Doors, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a new CEO, Jim Mishler, and chief marketing officer Dave Harrison says the company remains profitable. DWM followed up with Harrison last week to discuss some of the executive changes as rumors swirled last week that the company was in trouble.

“Quite the opposite,” says Harrison. “While other competitors have had significant financial difficulty during this troublesome economic environment in our industry, Champion has remained profitable.”

He acknowledges that the company did consolidate a few sales showrooms to “streamline our operations and to become even healthier.” He adds that the company serves more than 75 markets.

In response to rumors that the company is in trouble due to closing a few locations, Harrison says, “McDonald’s closes under-performing stores – are they in trouble? Doesn’t even General Electric close some operations and grows others? Champion is strong – and positioned for significant growth with a business model delivering superior value with an ‘Our Factory 2 You’ capability resulting in a value proposition “Premium Quality – Wholesale Value.”

Dennis Manes, former CEO, has been replaced by Jim Mishler, who brings more than 25 years of marketing, sales, service, distribution, operations and general management experience in the building products manufacturing and distribution industries including leadership roles with Lennox Industries and Pella Windows and Doors. Most recently, Mishler served as president of Goodman Sales and Distribution at Goodman Global Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products for residential and commercial markets.

“I’m honored and excited to join Don and the entire Champion Windows team,” says Mishler. “With the best team in the industry, quality products, and unsurpassed customer service, Champion holds a significant competitive advantage in the industry. I see a tremendous opportunity to both grow the company organically and am committed to expansion into new markets.”

Marty Hiatt, former vice president of administration, has moved on as well and his position is being absorbed within the current management structure, according to Harrison.

“Denny and Marty have done a remarkable job leading the company through to its current business platform,” says Harrison. “There is a stage at which a company grows to a size that requires differing skills to take the team to the next level. Champion has achieved that stage in its evolution where the entrepreneurial spirit must remain, while embracing shared best practices and processes that can deliver the leverage and manageability required to double in size.”


  1. Sure, profitable companies always fire their CEO and VP….. for a change of direction hopefully…. red to black

  2. Champion is in big trouble, don’t be fooled by all the spin.

  3. I agree Michael. I also heard they quitely closed 5 locations lasty year and have 7 more to close this year that hasn’t been announced yet. And why would they… that would signal the further spiral downward. Have to let the changing of the ‘leadership’ news settle before announcing more bad news. I heard Ed Levine bought a window company in Texas. Anyone know if its true? There was a private meeting with many of the ‘old guard’ in Wyoming last year, anyone know what that was about? Eddie’s getting the band back together!!

  4. Well this is rather interesting news…..I heard they were in recievership. How true is that? Whay is it that so many once strong window guys are going out? Over charging? Service? Quality? Just a few questions…..:-)

  5. Rearranging chairs on the Titanic perhaps? There is also word that Window World owes Alside $147 mil.

  6. I just finished reading an article which quoted Mr. Dave Harrison titled “the most common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a home improvement contractor and how to avoid them.” Just to put everything into perspective, the article was about how he is chief marketing officer of Champion Windows and Doors. I did my research and chose Champion to side my office building. I just knew Champion was the way to go. Well, just so that Mr. Harrison realizes, he needs to put more effort into his business. I now have a building that was sided by Champion. In less than a month, I have had siding blow off the building. The flashing was not installed right at all. Nothing was caulked but then that was only a minor part. They were supposed to remove some rotten wood which was never done. I would think if you were going to pull a fast one on someone, you would at least cover the evidence. If there wasn’t enough materials, they just stuffed whatever they could in the spot. So Mr. Harrison, stop by and look at the $16,000.00 mess your company left me. On the bright side, I borrowed the money from the state and now they are getting involved. I would suggest that instead of spending your time slapping yourself on your back, that you start checking into the faulty and disgusting work your company puts out.

  7. Champion is a great company to work with. I’ve had Champion windows on my last two homes and have never had an issue that they didn’t respond and resolve immediately. They cut my utility bill in half. I had them install vinyl siding on my home in 2009 and love the look and often hear compliments. I know in our local market (DFW) many friends and coworkers who have had wonderful experiences with Champion!

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