I recently performed several sales training sessions for a customer in Michigan and selling comfort was a major topic of discussion. Why? Because when you are in a competitive situation, if you can convince the consumer that your windows provide greater comfort, you will most likely win the sale. You can start by selling the features of thermally efficient frames, low E glass, argon gas and warm-edge spacers while reciting U- values, but if you really want to put a powerful finish on your closing arguments–emphasize comfort! Because just like the old Mastercard commercials, at the end of the day, comfort is priceless!

The purpose of a window is to connect the consumer with the wonderful parts of the outdoors while blocking out uncomfortable elements. We sit in our living rooms and look outside at the beautiful snow or the sunny landscape while escaping the cold or heat. Windows even connect us with the beauty of a rainstorm while keeping us dry. But windows that don’t do the job which they are intended to do can cause us to pull back and sit away from them. What if a window is a poor insulator? Heat travels “from where it’s hot to where it’s not,” and on a cold day, it will travel through the window to the outside. As heat migrates from the warm air in your house, this air cools and falls to the floor … since cold air is heavier than warm air.

Now, warm air from the center of the room flows over top of the cold air to replace it, and the same thing happens once again causing this air to cool and fall toward the floor. The net result is the creation of an invisible fan near the viewing area, which the homeowner feels as a draft. So now instead of sitting close to the window and connecting with nature, the homeowner is pulling back and sitting closer to the center of the room. Of course the reverse situation occurs in the hot summer, when the homeowner is sitting next to poorly insulated window, he or she feels too warm, even with the air conditioning running. As Quanex’s Ric Jackson pointed out in a recent DWM article, only 7 percent of existing homes in the United States currently incorporate low-E glass. What a huge selling opportunity this represents based upon the comfort that low-e glass alone brings to the window viewing experience! So, whether it is winter or summer, the better job a window does of insulating, the closer the homeowner can get to the window and ultimately to nature. Perhaps the ultimate experience is the panoramic view, and this can only be comfortably achieved with high performance windows. When high-performance windows are brought into the plan, more of them can be used without compromising the comfort level of the living space while allowing for a more expansive view.

Additionally, dealers interviewed in the January-February issue of DWM magazine also talked about how comfort plays a huge role when selling energy-efficient products.

Also, don’t forget about sound. We love to look outside, but we don’t necessarily want to hear the planes, trains and automobiles out there, so sound insulation is another big part of comfort that the salesperson can focus on as well. Security is also quite important. We want to look out, but we don’t want intruders getting in! So, perhaps we can bring laminated glass into the picture! It is another great selling feature if your window manufacture offers it. So many bells and whistles are available other than just Energy Star and U-Values. So, all you fenestration salespeople out there, just remember, when it comes time to close the deal Comfort is King!


  1. Great artical keep up the good work
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  2. All great points Jim. There is simply not enough educated salespeople in the marketplace.
    Many actually believe that a lower price is the key to the sale.
    Yet, it’s strange how the window dealers that charge more money, always sell more windows!
    These same salespeople do not sell windows because of high pressure or invalid claims.
    It”s actually based on using logic & emotion to provide a custom solution to the prospects problems.
    They will sell the features, advantages & benefits of their product over their competitons product.
    You mention comfort in BOTH winter & summer. Something that a lot of people never mention.
    How about increased value of the home, no more painting, caulking & scraping. Or, how about less wear & tear on the furnace and air conditioning unit. And an obvious savings in utility costs all year.
    Let’s add in the fact that most windows are safely cleaned from the indoors instead of on a ladder.
    Don’t tell them, sell them on what you can provide to solve their problems.
    They will end up Thanking You as you leave with the sale!

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