“Remember the only reason you are spending your time driving to this house, right now, is to walk away with a sale. Why not spend the time driving to an appointment getting focused on what you need to do?” Pete, the old Tin Man who taught me his sales techniques would say.

Pete told me he thought about what it would take to turn this call into a close on the way to a sales appointment. He examined his past performances. He thought about what worked before. He put himself in the proper frame of mind. He took a deep breath. He willed himself to relax. I pictured him like a boxer walking to the ring, psychologically preparing for the fight of his life.

It is just as easy to get in the wrong frame of mind while driving to meet a new client as it is stepping into the ring.

A business person’s mind can easily wander on about their business. It is important to think about sales pending, jobs in progress, accounts receivables and payables, but if your mind is on old business on the way to a sales call you may be hurting your chances of getting new business.

Salesmen and business owners also have their own personal lives. The cell phone makes it easy to always be in reach with the ones we love. Drama at home, a call from our children’s teacher and a bundle of other personal matters can invade our work day and negatively affect our sales performance.

I find it does help me to take a deep breath, set aside all distractions and focus on meeting a new client while I am driving to meet them. I remember that nothing happens until somebody sells something and after that, anything can happen – good, bad or indifferent, but nothing happens until somebody sells something. I know this is my chance to make something happen. If I am focused and relaxed I am more likely to make something good happen. On the other hand, if I am distracted, harried and unfocused my client will sense that, too. I never want my frame of mind to hurt me reach my true sales potential.

Research tells us a client decides whether they will buy – or not – within 60 seconds. Whether that is fair or not isn’t the point. I know I must make a good first impression to have a better chance of making a sale. I remember I will only have one chance to make a first impression with this potential client and that chance is just a few minutes away. I must focus on making the most of that first impression.

You may want to try using your drive time to set aside all other distractions and focus on what you are about to do. Take that time to put your appointment in its proper perspective before you knock on the door of your next potential client. Nothing is more important at this very moment then making a good first impression on the stranger you are about to meet and turning them into a client. It may be the most important thing you do today for the future of your business and the welfare of your family. After all, how many other opportunities will you have to make a sale today?

It does make sense to get focused and think about what you are about to do. Whether you own the business or you are working on commission, making the sale is your livelihood. When you are focused on the potential client in front of you it is more likely you will make something good happen!

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