Officials at Quanex Building Products Corp. of Houston announced today that severe weather at its Truseal Technologies facility in Barbourville, Ky., caused a section of the plant’s roof to collapse. Seven employees were taken to the hospital and have been released with only minor injuries. The plant will be closed until safe operations can be confirmed.

About 5 percent of the roof collapsed, according to George Wilson, insulating glass systems general manager for Quanex, who, along with engineers, assessed the damage to the facility early Friday. Warehouses containing finished goods were not affected, so shipping products is expected to resume as early as next week. Contingency plans for production are in review.

“Employees and local emergency personnel deserve considerable credit for the way they managed the situation,” says Wilson. “Their quick response and quick evacuation of the plant minimized the harm to our employees.”

To ensure uninterrupted communication, customer service phone lines have been transferred to Quanex’s Cambridge, Ohio, facility.

“The safety of Quanex employees across our facilities in the U.S. and abroad is always our number one priority,” says David Petratis, Quanex CEO. “I am personally grateful to the employees of Barbourville and to first responders for doing everything possible to ensure the best outcome. As a company, we are all taking a moment to step back and be thankful that no one was seriously injured.”

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