In these dynamic economic times, businesses have done their fair share of belt tightening. One area that many businesses have cut back on surprisingly is customer service. Not just meeting customer expectations but exceeding them is truly the spot any company should strive to be no matter what the economics are.

J.D. Powers recently released their 2012 Customer Service Champions. J.D. Powers explained in their release that ‘the importance of people as a driver of service excellence has increased substantially-even more than the importance of a price.’

To this, many years ago, a friend of mine, Jeffrey Gitomer wrote a book, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless. His point is simply this. Do you want to have a satisfied customer or a loyal customer? The answer is obvious, and loyal customers help us market to new customers and focus on service not price.

With your own customer service, do you have yourself or your team set up so that when they need to go to their supervisor for ‘approval, it’s’ to get an approval to say no instead of yes to a customer? If you can determine and set up the right parameters for yourself and/or your customer service team, you can make this happen. You can quickly understand what this would do for your customers, but also think about what it would do for your own employees’ morale.

The question for all of us (self-included) are you a ‘Customer Service Champion?’

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