Thomas Chen, owner, founder and president of Crystal Window & Door Systems in New York, has established a California-based window manufacturing company, Crystal Pacific Window & Door Systems (Crystal Pacific), located in Riverside, Calif., The company will produce vinyl doors and windows for markets in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. DWM spoke to its president Thomas Chen and Bob Nyman, vice president at Livingston Marketing and Communications to gain some further details on the new company.

DWM: How long have you been manufacturing windows at Crystal Pacific and what plans are on tap as far as the facility and employees?

Chen: We have been manufacturing for four months. We have about 30 employees now but in terms of senior management there are no announcements to make yet.

As far as manufacturing upgrades, we purchased equipment from Urban including welders and corner cleaners, as well as a GED Intercept line. We are in the process of acquiring new and gently used equipment including equipment allowing us to use Intercept spacers, glass cutting tables, etc.

DWM: How long had you been looking to start up in the West?

Chen: I have been looking for two years. We wanted to prepare for the future, especially in niche markets, so we had been looking into expanding. So when we found Malibu Window and Door we decided to go ahead and purchase their assets.

Nyman: All he did was buy some of their machines and acquire some of their customer base. We are also using some of the same workers. But we don’t make the same window and it’s not the same window used by Crystal Window and Door. We are using some existing profiles from VEKA but also talking to some other major extruders. At Crystal in New York we make our own extrusions.

DWM: When do you plan to set up showrooms?

Chen: We started setting up showrooms in the plant but we also have two branches and eventually plan on setting up showrooms there as well.

DWM: Will the new company serve both the commercial and residential markets?

Chen: Only residential though we will start to design a commercial window shortly.

DWM: Why was now the right time to start this company?

Nyman: It is modest, but a bright spot in the whole industry. It seems every time I pick up an article it talks about bad news. But I have known Thomas for 13 years and he does a lot of things that are counter cyclical and that is the secret to his company’s success. If you do things different you can succeed. My economic side tells me it is a good time to expand if you can afford it to leverage dollars and make investments because you will never get better prices on equipment, etc. Now is the time.

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