Tracy Rogers, director of industry relations and advanced technology at Quanex Building Products in Houston, Texas, will present at Glass Performance Days (GPD) China, March 31-April 1 in Shanghai. Rogers will discuss the methods that insulating glass (IG) manufacturers are using to achieve R5 performance, especially the use of hard-coat, pyrolytic low-E coatings on surface number 4.

“This particular performance improvement configuration can reduce condensation resistance, leading to confounding problems, including water and ice damage to the fenestration system and the wall surround,” says Rogers. “For this reason, it’s important for IG manufacturers to understand how improving one performance variable can negatively affect another in this situation.”

Rogers’ GPD China presentation, “Effects of #4 Surface Low-E Coatings on Fenestration Condensation Resistance,” is listed in the Insulating Glass Units and Window Technology category on the GPD website.

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