The Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) is seeking ANSI approval of its AMD 100 standard, Structural Performance Ratings of Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems and Procedures for Component Substitution as an American National Standard.

The AMD 100 standard provides an objective process for obtaining a design pressure rating for a side-hinged exterior door system (SHEDS) and for substituting components in a rated SHEDS. The testing required by this standard follows the ASTM E330 test method. The standard defines methods for qualifying door system components for substitution, and applies to both single and multi-panel systems, in-swing, out-swing, and fixed assembly installations. Door slab stiffness testing is used and outlined in this standard as a means for determining component substitution.

The pubic comment period is open until April 2, 2012. Comments should be submitted in writing to


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