Members of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Association attended the association’s annual banquet last

Rod Herbsherger of PGT presented a commemorative glass plaque to AAMA members.

night during the group’s annual conference, and celebrated 75 years as an association—in style.

Each guest received a special glass paperweight with the AAMA and when the festivities officially kicked off, Rod Herbsherger, president, PGT Industries and chair of AAMA’s residential products group, ushered in a commemorative glass plaque presented to AAMA members.

The night was complete with various slideshows allowing members to relive the many years of camaraderie with fellow colleagues and share numerous laughs.

Filip Geeraert, CEO of Deceuninck North America, accepted the 45-year Membership Award.

Membership Awards were given to ten-year up to 45-year members. The company receiving the latter distinction was Deceuninck North America, and its president and CEO Filip Geeraert, was there to accept the award.

The Architectural Products Group presented its Distinguished Service Award to Mike Turner, vice president of marketing and technical services at YKK AP America Inc. The Residential Products Group Award went to Kim Flanary, engineering director at Milgard Manufacturing. AAMA’s Distinguished Service Award Marketing, was presented to Brent Slaton, national sales manager at Keymark Corp.

The evening ended with the presentation of the Outstanding Member Award, and 20 past recipients were in attendance. Walker also remembered some past recipients who couldn’t be in attendance including Lyon Evans, a founding member from the 1940s. Walker read a letter that Evans wrote to AAMA on November 23, he passed away shortly thereafter on December 8.

Then it was time to recognize this year’s Outstanding Member: Gantt Miller, CEO at Winco.

“AAMA has a great tradition and I am really glad to be part of it,” he said.

The conference continues through tomorrow. Stay tuned to for further updates.

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