Depending on what part of the country you are in, the start of 2012 has been interesting. Many dealers have gotten off to a fast start, while others are saying things are just starting to pick up now. The good news is that we can officially close the door on the ‘tax credit hangover.’

We all knew that sooner or later the window industry and the building products industry would stand on ‘their own two feet’ and survive without a tax credit. And although there are a couple of tax credit bills in Congress, the likelihood of getting any sort of bipartisan consensus is extremely unlikely. This year, it’s going to be all about attitude and marketing.

Many dealers are getting leads, but the cost of those leads are higher. However, the dealers saying they are having a good start to the year, are the ones spending money on advertising. This is easier said than done, and those spending the money on marketing have a positive attitude about getting their ROI.

Many of us have discussed that not much is going to happen this year because it is an election year. My response to this is, no one predicted the industry ups and downs we have gone through over the past few years, so why can’t we predict having a great year during an election year?

Every year there is going to be ‘something’ we as industry professionals will have to overcome. Whether it is a ‘tax credit hangover,’ a Presidential election, high gas prices, or a recession, it’s the attitude we have with overcoming these hurdles that will define the measure of success we achieve this year. So what’s different about 2012 … my answer … ATTITUDE!

Great Selling!

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