After a January 2 fire destroyed much of the Winnipeg, Alberta, operations of Omniglass , owned by Serious Energy, it now seems the location will be closing down. According to a February 16 article in the Winnipeg Free Press, “industry sources said it’s apparent most of the company’s former 65 employees are no longer on the payroll there.”

The article reports that “Some have noted with dismay that those employees have been cut loose with no severance pay, regardless of their tenure with the company.”

According to the news report, an official with the province’s Employment Standards Branch said there is a clause in employment standards codes that excludes wages in lieu of notice for anything “unforeseen or fortuitous,” and fire is such an example of how that clause comes into effect.

The article noted that there has been some speculation that Serious Energy may be planning to auction the equipment that could be salvaged.

Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Energy, declined to comment when contacted by DWM magazine.

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  1. It is disgraceful if the company does not pay severance payments to staff. What will they do with their insurance money?

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