Adhesive Applications announced the opening of an expanded manufacturing facility, near its headquarters in Easthampton, Mass. With this additional production space, the company is able to produce foam tapes, film tapes and transfer adhesives on a larger scale than before, according to the announcement.

From left to right, Wayne Tangel, president and David Premo, general manager of Adhesive Applications

“This expansion comes in the midst of significant growth for our company,” says Wayne Tangel, president of Adhesive Applications. “It was a necessity to keep up with the increased demands from our customers, and now provides us with a larger and more concentrated focus on creating even better adhesive products in higher volume.”

The new facility, located at 49 Ferry Street, Easthampton, Mass., combines operations from two locations, into one larger customized building. During the renovation, the company made significant machinery enhancements, deep-energy retrofits, and added a broader line of products to coat, including die-cutting silicone adhesives, according to the announcement.

Adhesive Applications utilized unused manufacturing space owned by its parent company, The October Company, also of Easthampton. The company has a commitment to keeping its products American-made, and plans to add new jobs for skilled laborers.

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