The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a process to engage partners in updating the ENERGY STAR® Vision and Guiding Principles document, consistent with the evolution of the program since the document was originally developed.

According to a letter sent to ENERGY STAR stakeholders by Ann Bailey, director, ENERGY STAR Product Labeling, “Over the past two years, significant and rapid changes to the ENERGY STAR products program have been implemented. Last January, a third-party certification requirement went into effect across all 60 product categories. Verification testing of ENERGY STAR qualified products has expanded dramatically. And since early 2010, more than 30 product specification revisions have been initiated.”

The letter also points out that not since 2003 has the EPA formalized a detailed description of the principles underlying the ENERGY STAR products program.

“Given the significant changes and expansion of the program over the past several years, the [EPA] seeks to re-affirm the government’s longstanding commitment to the core ENERGY STAR program principles that have made it successful,” says Bailey in the letter. “These include a focus on products that meet the highest energy conservation standards without sacrifice in performance or functionality.”

Those stakeholders that are interested in providing input can submit comments/questions by emailing by February 22, 2012.

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