The National Lumber and Building Material Industry (NLBMDA) released its national legislative and regulatory policy agenda for 2012. The document was created to bring focus to the common interests of the industry and includes policy goals to revitalize the nation’s housing and building industry.

“With the House and Senate going into the final session of the 112th Congress, many are rightly focused on reviewing and eliminating burdensome regulations, and NLBMDA will do all we can to assist policymakers, as they pull off the wet blanket from our businesses, in order to bring about an economic recovery,” said Cally Fromme, NLBMDA chair and executive vice president of Zarsky Lumber in Victoria, Texas. “It is essential that Congress focus not on election year politics but on job creation and sound fiscal policies that will restore housing as the cornerstone of our national economy. This common-sense, pro-growth National Policy Agenda is a legislative and regulatory plan that can and will put the building supply industry and our nation’s economy back on the path to recovery.”

According to the NLBMDA announcement, the group will continue to advance pro-business policies that will strengthen small businesses and protect the many multi-generational family-owned businesses in the industry. The association’s agenda includes the industry’s positions on housing, legal reform, workforce policy, tax policy, product supply, transportation, and energy.

NLBMDA’s 2012 National Policy Agenda will be distributed to members of Congress and key Administration officials and will be used by NLBMDA members when they visit their members of Congress during the NLBMDA Spring Meeting and Legislative Conference on March 5-7 in Washington, D.C.

The NLBMDA 2012 National Policy Agenda  is available to view online.


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