A phrase I often hear and admittedly use from time to time myself is “It’s competitive out there.” I don’t think anyone would argue about the transition and evolution the building products industry has gone through over the past few years. From the EPA lead laws to a booming tax credit, the window industry, in particular, has experienced a series of ups and downs.

How we deal with competitiveness really defines whether we are going to be successful or not. As salespeople in the race to get the deal, we start offering pricing and product options that either don’t make us money or make us inefficient – both as window manufacturers and window dealers. I have been guilty of this myself.

But as the economic landscape changes (hopefully for the better), it really is time for us to focus back on listening to our customers and prospects again. When things come down to a particular price or a particular option, are we really listening to our customer? When someone says, your price is too high, did we really find out what the customer really wants or what their expectations are? Is the customer or prospect saying the price is too high, because as salespeople, we didn’t earn the right to learn more about what the customer really wants? We all have been guilty of this from time to time.

But this year, let’s work on our value selling instead of our price selling. Instead of the race to see who can be the least expensive, let’s have a race to see who can be the best at understanding the values customers really want. If we all work on this, whether the economy starts booming or not, we will most certainly have a great year.

Great Selling!

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