The Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) is hosting its Spring Education Seminar and a tour of the Barnett Millworks plant, April 17-20 in Mobile, Ala. The workshop will take place at the Battle House Renaissance Hotel & Spa.

According to information from AMD, the seminar program, titled “Strategically Aligned Sales Incentive Workshop,” is both timely and relevant to distributors, manufacturers and reps, and is also designed for top executives, sales personnel and managers who find who find themselves asking: “How can I get my sales reps to just do what I want them to do?” The seminar will be presented by Steve Deist and Mike Emerson, partners with Indian River Consulting Group, an experienced-based firm that focuses exclusively on market access and distribution channels. Topics to be covered include:

Key topics will include:

• Picking the right tool – understanding when incentive changes are likely to be effective and when they are not;

• Getting strategic clarity – ensuring that you have the right foundation in place for success;

• Aligning the sales force organization – how to get the right talent in the right role based on your market opportunities;

• Incentive structure fundamentals – understanding the risks and benefits of absolute and relative performance factors;

• Relative performance techniques – how world class sales organizations solve the most vexing incentive program challenges; and

• Implementation guidelines – tips and tricks for successful change management.

In addition to the seminar, the event will also include a plant tour of Barnett Millworks. The Mobile, Ala., manufacturing facility features a selection of millwork products including interior and exterior doors, windows, mouldings, stair parts, columns and much more.

Additional information about the program, including registration, is available through the event website.

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