Kuiken Brothers Company Inc., a supplier of lumber, millwork and building materials, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The company was founded in 1912, in Fair Lawn, N.J., and has since grown to provide goods and services from nine locations, including one in New York.

The Kuiken family was originally from the Netherlands and migrated to New Jersey in the late 1800s. Brothers Henry A. Kuiken and Nicholas A. Kuiken settled in what is now Fair Lawn, N.J., in 1912. They were later joined by their older brother, Dirk, and their cousin, Richard R. Kuiken Sr. The family took the skills they had as carpenters and craftsmen to lay the foundation for the. A book on the history of Kuiken Brothers Company, by Jon Kuiken, will be available this spring.

“My family began its migration to America about a hundred years after New Jersey received statehood,” said Douglas R. Kuiken, president of Kuiken Brothers. “Kuiken Brothers played a key role in the second half of our state’s history through building, commerce, philanthropy, good corporate citizenship and environmental-consciousness. I am very proud of our family and employee team. For the past century, they have put heart and soul into making a positive and indelible impact on our state.”


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