At times, companies are closed mouthed when it comes to their competition, while others put it all out there, so to speak, and let their competition know they are coming after them. This was the case with two insurance giants, according to an article I read in Advertising Age from February 2011.

The writer got right to the point in the opening paragraph of the article, “When talking about Allstate’s Mayhem campaign, Nina Abnee gets right to the point: ‘We wanted to kick Flo’s ass.’” (referring to Progressive’s perky sales clerk character).

Another article in an insurance industry publication talked about how for this industry, at least, advertising is a necessity with insurance companies spending big bucks on ad campaigns. Some, like Progressive and Allstate, go for the creative method creating characters like Flo and Mayhen while Geico for years has stuck to its original ad message: buy their insurance and get the lowest price (though it too has had some help from a memorable character the Gecko). According to another Advertising Age article, “Geico, the category’s biggest ad spender, is watching its competitors closely … That approach, in a nutshell, is positioning insurance as a commodity-like product where price trumps all.”

We all know there are door and window players who spend on TV ads, as well as other methods. I think many of us would acknowledge that Window World, has made a name for itself through advertising, using price as its main reason to buy, and has been fairly successful. Even if you ask someone not in the window industry who has the $189 window: many would reply, Window World. I wonder if there are competitors out there vowing to kick Window World’s you- know –what. I bet there are.

But it’s not just national chains. There are regional window companies doing a great job at creative ways of getting their message out. At Hanson Windows, based in Troy, Mich., president Brian Elias said in a recent industry publication that the Empire Carpet jingle prompted the company to create its own. But it didn’t stop there. It built on that with its Sing Jing contest where kids could sing the jingle and win a prize. The company’s jingle, along with entries, can all be found on You Tube and through a quick google search.

So whatever your budget, whether it’s direct mail, radio, TV, print, knocking on doors, or a combination of all of these, how do you get remembered?

Even Elias said in that industry publication that he spends hours every day borrowing best practices from others. Hopefully this gets your creative juices flowing. Good luck in kicking some butt and creating the right message for your company. If you have some ideas you want to share send me an email or post a comment here.

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