Dad would start many of his own brand of “How to Succeed in Business” lectures saying, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Sometimes that was his total statement, but usually he would continue by saying, “After that, anything can happen – good, bad or indifferent.”

More often than not, he would finish his point by repeating with added emphasis and pauses between words, “But, nothing …. happens …. until … somebody …. sells …. something!”

Those words are just as true today as ever. The best product will never get used unless it is sold to someone who can use it. The most talented installer in the world will never get to show off their skills unless someone sells their services. There is no need for secretaries, showrooms, cell phones, warehouses, trucks or computers without the sale.

Dad was one hundred percent right. Nothing happens until somebody sells something… and after that anything can happen – good, bad or indifferent, but nothing happens until somebody sells something. If you are a person responsible for making things happen in your company, I hope you can go out today and make something good happen!

Sales are vital to every business, but it is easy to confuse selling with order taking.

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