As the New Year starts, it has many of us making our resolutions. I am no different in this but something that has changed for me is my job and company. I am excited to start off the New Year as the new vice president of sales and marketing at Thermal Industries. I wish all my friends at Gorell well, and at the same time, I am excited to start a new chapter for myself. With that, let’s blog!

More and more dealers around the country are turning to canvassing to generate their leads. It seems to be “hip and vogue” again. This reinforces that philosophy that “things” truly are cyclical. Canvassing has been used for years.

It has been used in many different ways. From installers and sales people canvassing a neighborhood after a job was sold or installed to professional canvassing crews “working” neighborhood after neighborhood.

Today, I see canvassing working very effectively, especially when it is combined with some other form of media such as radio or television. Many home improvement companies have explained to me that their canvass success rate is much improved because there is more brand awareness with the other cross media.

Canvassers seem to be better trained today compared to the past. From a more professional appearance to being more effective in front of a homeowner, canvassing has turned more into a science than a numbers game.

If you are looking at different ways to generate leads, give canvassing some consideration. You don’t have to put together a canvass team to get going. You can start out simple with sales people and installers working a neighborhood in which you are doing business, and as you become more comfortable, you can start to get more scientific.

Good luck and great selling!

Tyson's Take


  1. I found my first leads canvassing neighborhoods in 1984. I still knock on a door the way I was taught. (There really is only one way to knock on a door, you know.) I still personally canvas neighborhoods where we are working. It still works to generate leads.

  2. I am not an impulsive buyer but 5 years ago ADT was canvassing my neighborhood looking for “select” volunteers for free equipment installation with a one year contract. Also, by “prominently displaying the ADT sign out front”, he said, it was “our way of advertising to attract more potential customers while discouraging would be burglars”. The salesman also pointed out that several homes in my neighborhood had been recently burglarized (he even had the newspaper clippings). I had heard ADT’s commercials so brand awareness in my mind was high. Five years later I am still using their service. The funny thing is I was not in the market for a security service until the canvasser approaced me! So, right on Tyson – canvassing can be quite effective!

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