Omniglass, based in Winnipeg, a fiberglass window lineal supplier, suffered major damage to its building due to a fire in the early morning hours of January 2. Huge plumes of toxic smoke could be seen from several kilometers away as the fire burned for a number of hours, according to one local news report. The report also stated that fire officials are looking into the cause of the fire. Damage was estimated to be “several million dollars,” said police in that report.

Kevin Surace, president of Serious Energy, owner of Omniglass, told DWM magazine that “all employees are safe and no one was working at the time.”

“We don’t know the full extent of damages yet as we have not been able to get into the building. But certainly we intend to get back into production as soon as possible,” he added.

Another news report stated that employees received calls in the middle of the night, advising them not to come to work including Omniglass president Laurie Davies.

“Yeah, not a good start,” Davies said. “How soon can we get it going again — that’s what’s going through my head.”

Surace told DWM that customers are being contacted.

“We provide product to many providers of fiberglass windows so we understand the impact on the industry … We do have disaster and recovery plans in place and we will be working those.”

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