As we head into December, it’s time to start game planning for next year. If you are like most, the fourth quarter was a much different experience this year compared to the run on people wanting to capitalize on the expiring tax credits of last year. But just because we didn’t have an ‘off the charts’ fourth quarter, it doesn’t mean the momentum for 2012 won’t be good or even great.

We all need to examine our business models. Are the overheads in line, do we have the right people in place, have we done everything possible to strengthen the business balance sheet? Whether it was a great year or mediocre year, these are questions we should always be asking ourselves.

If there is a silver lining to the ups and downs of the economy, it has made us smarter and stronger business people. We have made our businesses leaner and meaner. And when the economy gets healthier, our businesses will be stronger with it.

All this being said, the topics many of us enjoy whiteboarding are sales and marketing. If this year didn’t turn out the way we had forecasted, what are we going to do differently next year? The old saying, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.” Are we looking to stay stagnate or are we looking to evolve and make some changes?

There are lots of lead generation programs out there and there is no one magic bullet that works for everyone. We all need to figure out what programs will work best for our businesses and our markets. Have you figured out your unique selling proposition that sets your company apart? These are all questions that need to be answered going into the New Year. This means that we all need to stay open minded and research the programs that are available to us. Instead of ignoring that unsolicited cold call on how to generate leads, now is the time to explore it, research it.

How we run our businesses and game plan our sales and marketing objectives will make the difference between having a mediocre 2012 or a great 2012 regardless of our competitors and the economy.

Great Selling!

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