Members of the door and window industry will travel to Toronto this week for Win-Door North America which opens today and runs through Thursday. The event will include the latest product introductions for doors, windows, glass, hardware and more.

Exhibitors will also be informing attendees on the latest issues that affect them, including important issues close to home in Canada. For example, Quanex Building Products will be telling attendees about a new building code that will affect companies selling into Canada.

In 2012, Canadian building codes will require that any fabricator selling into the Canadian market adhere to marking specifications and have all exterior door products third-party tested to meet minimum performance levels outlined in NAFS-08, according to Jim Meeks and John Westfall of Quanex. These test areas will include: positive and negative design pressure, water penetration resistance, Canadian air infiltration/exfiltration and forced-entry resistance.

“To comply, a shift in the way pre-hung exterior doors are designed will be necessary,” says Meeks. “No longer will the industry be componentized with products pieced together based on price. Rather, fabricators will need to look at the entire door system, including all materials and components, and the way they work together to meet performance requirements.”

For more on this upcoming change look for the November-December issue of DWM magazine. Additionally, look for DWM’s Win-Door video coverage on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. An interview with Quanex personnel regarding this important change, as well as all the product news from Win-Door , will be included. Lastly, follow our updates on Twitter @DWMMag.

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