JELD-WEN has confirmed to DWM magazine that it will exit the garage door business, but points out that garage doors account for about one-tenth of one percent of the company’s total sales.

“After a thorough analysis we decided to focus our attention on our primary door and window products, including a number of new products and product enhancements,” says Teri Cline, JELD-WEN director of communications.

She adds that although the company is phasing out one product offering, JELD-WEN has averaged 350 new products or enhancements annually over the last three years.

Cline also clarifies that exiting the garage door business does not require the closure of any plants: garage door manufacturing occupied a single production line within a larger plant that also makes other products.



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  2. Darn shame you guys quit, always got some great deals on doors with you but you have plenty of other great products I order so I’m not complaining!

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