The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made available its ENERGY STAR for Windows, Doors, and Skylights Version 6.0 Specification Framework Document to stakeholders. According to the EPA, this framework outlines its reassessment of the current ENERGY STAR Window, Door, and Skylight requirements and is intended to facilitate discussion of this assessment and possible resulting modifications to these ENERGY STAR requirements. The document includes EPA’s initial findings on issues such as scope of possible revisions and eligibility criteria. The EPA welcomes stakeholder comments on all topics related to this specification revision, including those not currently addressed.

There are several program elements being considered for adoption. According to EPA, during the Version 5.0 (formerly called Phase 1) criteria revision process, a number of issues were raised that could not be addressed at the time, but warranted further consideration and review. EPA says it still believes there is insufficient data and/or justification for addressing such items in the Version 6.0 criteria, but is encouraging stakeholder comments and/or data that may highlight options for addressing items such as structural requirements, products installed at high-altitudes, daylighting and lifecycle analysis.

There are also new additions to the program requirements. According to EPA, “though not addressed in this document, manufacturer partners are expected to abide by any changes made to NFRC testing (e.g. verification testing) at such time as they take effect.” These include requirements for air leakage and installation instructions.

Comments should be emailed to by Friday, November 18, 2011.

CLICK HERE to view the entire document.


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