I had the opportunity to walk the Remodeling Show on Thursday, and having attended every Remodelers Show except one (Las Vegas), I had an opportunity to gauge the amount of traffic and number of exhibitors compared to the last few years.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic this year. It was actually a challenge to get down many of the aisles. I recall the shows during the ‘boom years’ and although the traffic wasn’t like the ‘boom years,’ it certainly was dramatically improved. Several exhibitors that I had been in touch with on Friday also indicated a strong traffic pattern for a second day in a row.

It was interesting to see quite a few exhibitors this year. The booths were scaled back dramatically, but exhibitors certainly were there in force. I also noticed that owners were in attendance without their salesforce. Back several years ago, it would have been the owner and several sales/marketing people from the company. However, over the past couple of years, the traffic has been light so it was a positive change to see more and more owners.

Finally, I felt a renewed optimism from several people that I talked to at the show. Their businesses have been scaled back, costs have been cut, but people were optimistic about the remodeling industry. This ties into Tara Taffera’s recent article in DWM magazine, The Remodeling Market, It May Be Down But It Is The Place To Be. (The article appeared in the October issue. If you missed it read the digital edition and look for it on page 30.)

The title of Tara’s article really says it all. Remodeling and replacement windows are the best place to be, and there are several reports substantiating future growth. It goes without saying that we are all working towards that happening. And those reports have got to be like the weather man–sooner or later, they have to be right!

Great Selling!

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