Pella Corp. has taken a proactive stance toward energy management. The window manufacturer is working with C3, an energy and emissions management solutions provider, to identify or implement many projects and process improvements toward meeting its initial energy savings goals by using C3.

With more than 20 energy providers, Pella realized that comprehensive energy management had the potential to yield even greater savings. Pella began using C3 to help automate its energy efficiency efforts across its numerous manufacturing facilities in North America. C3 is being used to model, analyze, and forecast energy consumption throughout Pella’s manufacturing operations, providing actionable insights about energy use across business processes, plants, and assets; and is identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

Guided by new insights from C3’s analysis of years of detailed energy usage data, Pella is refining its business processes to optimize energy usage, employing techniques like peak-demand shaving to help reduce costs.

Less than a year after deploying C3, the company has identified many energy-saving opportunities to help achieve its initial energy savings goals, and says it continues to use the solution to monitor, manage, and improve ongoing energy usage.

“C3 has been fundamental to our ability to identify, achieve, and sustain the actions for accomplishing our energy and emissions goals,” says John Brouwer, senior environmental and safety engineer, Pella Corp. “C3 has given us the ability to take energy efficiency to the next level, helping us to discover energy savings opportunities, increase awareness, and help sustain improvements.”

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