The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has released additional information about its new Emerging Technology and Innovation (ETI) Committee, established at its August 2011 technical meeting.

The board of directors approved the creation of the committee to develop guidelines, specifications and testing standards for future technologies of the insulating glass industry. Newly formed task groups will partner with key government organizations and industry to advance the understanding, guidelines, testing, certification and proper use of innovative insulating glass technology.

The ETI committee, chaired by Helen Sanders of SAGE Electrochromics and co-chaired by Dave Cooper of Guardian Industries Corp., president of IGMA, will be the steering committee for IGMA’s new research projects. The following task groups will fall under the mandate of this committee: vacuum insulating glazing (VIG), gas permeability and MOCON Optech research projects, field correlation study on gas-filled units, NREL’s advanced IG testing lab and life cycle assessment.

IGMA currently is soliciting suggestions for additional task groups and membership in its new committee. For additional information or to join visit the recently updated IGMA website.


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