GED introduced its ATLAS system that produces triple-pane IG units in 20 second cycle times.

Want to learn how to produce IG units in 20-second cycle times? What about accessing thousands of window solutions via an iPad app? These were just a few of the solutions introduced at the GlassBuild America show, being held through tomorrow in Atlanta.

GED Integrated Solutions’ unveiled the Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (ATLAS), glass fabrication system that produces triple-pane insulating glass units in 20 second cycle times.

“Manufacturers have to get more efficient so we looked at a system to help reduce the cost of manufacturing triples,” says Bill Weaver, GED president. “Manufacturers who have seen it today are astounded.”

The machine can adapt to unique IG unit combinations, including small and large units, both dual and triple-glazed IGUs and in any order or combination. This is made possible through GED’s new Win IG-5 software and the “no-touch” Vortex vacuum lift technologies.

Operations can now schedule each unique IGU in a one-piece flow manner as the visual software interface provides grid, spacer and glass alignment.

Quanex Building Products Corp. introduced “The Optimizer” U-value calculator, which estimates total window U-values via a specially designed electronic application.

“It uses a slim set of data and gives a whole host of solutions,” says Ric Jackson, director of external affairs, Quanex Engineered Products Group. “We want to make technology development affordable.”

Each Quanex salesperson will be equipped with The Optimizer in the field via their iPad® devices, enabling an instant U-value assessment of various combinations of framing materials with all common North American IG spacers, glass packages, low-E coatings and gas fills. In total, the program can assess 45,000 combinations.

McKeegan introduced a piece of equipment that Colleen McKeegan says will bend heavier extruded muntin bars “like butter,” and will also do repeat patterns–and it does it with no crimping and no marking.

Truth Hardware’s Matt Kottke says the company received a great deal of excitement around its window opening control device (WOCD)—its new Safe Gard product. The company says this is the first “reliable engineered solution for the hinged window market.” It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-operate solution that meets today’s stringent safety requirements such as ASTM F2090-10, says Kottke.

Joseph Machine introduced a new generation of its SFMC Fabrication Center. The double-hung, slope sill jamb machine cycles at about 40 seconds for a set of jambs and can produce 500 to 600 units per shift.

“Customers have come by to see it and they say the improvement they wanted to see we incorporated,” says Joseph’s Tom Vajdic.

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Joseph updated its SFMC Fabrication Center.

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