Last week when I was looking through the Inc. 5000 list for door and window companies that made the ranking, I was pretty easily distracted. And this doesn’t happen to me often–especially when I was just on vacation for five days and incredibly behind. But I will admit that browsing the 5,000 company names (the site’s search function doesn’t work very well), did cause my mind to wander beyond my door and window duties.

I was intrigued by the names of some of the companies on the list. Some caused me to click for further info, some I wanted to but didn’t, and some of the names spurred me to make a purchase later that week.

For a week, (number 2,095) intrigued me but I didn’t search for more info—that is until an hour or so ago. I wondered what it was all about and felt a little stupid to learn it is a scrapbooking site—what a perfect name—scrap your trip. Duh!

1-800 We Answer is also a great name. Don’t know what they do, didn’t do more research but if I needed help in their area of expertise and it was between them and x Solutions, I’d call 1-800-We Answer. Ditto for The Pond Guy, Angel Staffing and Software Folks. The names alone would make me give them a try.

Makes you realize the power of a to-the-point-name as well–Timeshare relief. That’s pretty clear and if I had a timeshare to sell, which apparently many people do, based on their ranking, I’d look into them.

Another one that caught my eye was Honest Tea. What a great name. A few days later when I stopped by our local WaWa to buy my tea of choice, Diet Snapple, I saw the Honest Tea and grabbed that instead. I didn’t love it, though, as it wasn’t sweet enough for my taste. But had I read the label before buying, I would have seen that it says, “Just a tad sweet.” Yes, they are honest.

Other ones that caught my eye: The Elf on the Shelf (I know a lot of friends who have bought this for their kids, though I hear it’s kind of creepy.) An elf literally sits on the shelf at your house around Christmas time and watches for Santa to see if your kids are naughty or nice.

I also find it interesting that services I use pretty regularly including Linked In and You Send it were pretty high on the list.

And on a personal level, I just discovered a home products company, Scentsy, earlier this year, and was excited to see them in the top 100. It appears they are growing at a fast level and I’m sure more will learn who they are in the coming years.

Finally, it is no surprise that there were numerous companies who appeared with one word in common in their names—“environmental.”

If you want to hear what window companies made the list instead of my personal ramblings, check out our news story . What caught your eye? Post a comment below or email me at

And if you ever start a new company or think about a name change, consider what these companies have done. You can then intrigue companies and perhaps become one of the “fastest growers.”

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