There has been a lot written about the new apps for IPhones and smartphones, and I would say justifiably so. Consumers are driving businesses to become more creative with mobile technology.

One major area where I have noticed a change in technology is the Internet. People are accessing the web more with mobile devices now than ever before. Many dealers that track their web visitors are experiencing constant growth to their site via mobile devices.

Manufacturers and dealers alike are working toward making their sites more mobile friendly for a better interactive experience by the consumers. If you are still trying to find your way with this, you certainly aren’t alone. And it is important to research all your options. Stand-alone mobile sites rose quickly and just as quickly declined because of potential challenges with search engines. Web designers are re-writing code to make their existing websites more compatible.

All of this being said, all companies are using the Internet and mobile devices to drive down lead generations costs and give consumers a more user-friendly online experience. It’s very important to do your research to find out what will give you the best return in terms of lead generation sites, as well as how compatible they are with mobile devices. The right combination will give you success.

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