To help form his policy on manufacturing, U.S. Senator Robert Casey Jr., (D-Pa.) visited Gorell Windows & Doors’ manufacturing facility in Indiana, Pa. Casey, who was recently appointed as Chair of the Joint Economic Committee, wanted to talk to various manufacturing companies regarding their needs as an industry to help him form his policies.

His visit to Gorell came about through the window manufacturer’s involvement in the Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium. Senator Casey requested a roundtable discussion with representatives from Gorell and several other manufacturers in Indiana County.

“We were honored to host Senator Casey, and to have an open forum in which to share our views and needs regarding the manufacturing industry, both as it impacts Indiana County and the entire industry,” said Michael Rempel, Gorell’s vice president of administration and president of the Indiana County Manufacturing Consortium. “I think the feedback Senator Casey received will be very helpful to him in creating national policies for the manufacturing sector.”

Gorell and other members of the consortium shared views on the challenges they face in workforce development, funding for training programs, the challenges of excessive regulations—especially in the area of environmental issues—how coal and gas resources can positively impact the manufacturing sector and more. One of the key points was the need for skilled and qualified workers, and funding for programs that promote vocational education as a viable alternative to college for high school graduates.

Senator Casey spoke of the need for a cohesive national manufacturing strategy. He said the country has elements of one, but not anything that is fully realized.

Gorell Windows and Doors
Senator Casey tours the Gorell plant.
Gorell Windows and Doors
Gorell's Mike Rempel with Senator Casey.

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