The EPA just announced that the third party cleaning verification will not be added on to the LRRP rule. This is great news for an industry that continues to figure out ways to overcome the turbulent economy. There are many organizations that helped make this a reality. You all deserve to take a bow. It was through the many educational meetings all the organizations set up with Congress members, the White House, and your own members that helped stave off what most certainly would have been a ‘death blow’ to our industry.


We can all enjoy the moment. However, it is important to remember there is still work to be done. When the LRRP was originally crafted by then Senator Obama and Senator Boxer, the opt out provision was very much part of LRRP. We need to continue educating everyone we can on the need to get the opt out back in the LRRP rules and regulations.


I have talked to many dealers that have a hard time convincing homeowners that this is a ‘real deal’ and not some invented ‘scam.’ I have also personally talked to many homeowners that have worked their way around the lead provisions including ‘figuring out a way’ to skirt around the system either by doing the work themselves or different methods.


In addition, Friday’s EPA announcement was 113 pages. It is important that we take the time to work through all the pages to make sure there are no surprises. To the general public, this announcement might not be a big deal. We all understand and appreciate that there are many moving parts to the economy, and this is just one small part. People can easily get focused on the headlines of the day. But it is also important that we speak up for ourselves like we did, and we help our part of the economy.


For now, let’s enjoy this moment of success and victory. But, don’t forget, we have more issues that need to be sorted out with the LRRP rules. From speaking to many manufacturers, windows, siding, etc., the building industry is taking a real beating. But now, we have one less  thing to concern ourselves with. Again, great job to all the organizations that made the right people notice and act with plain common sense!





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  1. That is great news….give 1 round to the good guyz…….thanks for the updates

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