Introduction of stricter emissions limits on commercial and industrial solid waste incineration units have been delayed once again. On June 22, Congress introduced the “EPA Regulatory Relief Act” (H.R. 2250), “to provide additional time for the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue achievable standards for industrial, commercial and institutional boilers, process heaters and incinerators, and for other purposes.”

Known as Boiler MACT, the legislation would provide the EPA with at least 15 months to re-propose and finalize new rules. In addition, H.R. 2250 would extend compliance deadlines from three to at least five years to allow facilities adequate time to comply with the standards and install necessary equipment.

Two days later, on June 24, the EPA announced that it had set a schedule for issuing updated air toxics standards for boilers and certain solid waste incinerators.

“To ensure that the agency’s standards are based on the best available data and the public is given ample opportunity to provide additional input and information, the agency will propose standards by the end of October 2011 and issue final standards by the end of April 2012,” said the statement.

“This announcement is still short of the 15 months mandated by House legislation and is unlikely to be sufficient time,” said the Window and Door Manufacturers Association in its July newsletter.


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