Demand for doors and windows in China is forecast to rise 7.7 percent annually to 364.5 billion yuan in 2014, according to a new study by the Freedonai Group. Although this is a deceleration from the 2004-2009 pace it is still among the fastest rates of increase in the world, according to the research firm.

Gains will primarily be driven by strong building construction activity, spurred by the country’s further industrialization and urbanization, and a rise in the average size of a housing unit.

Following are additional insights from the study.

Material Preferences: Metal windows comprise about 60 percent of the market. The second most popular material is plastic, which is growing at the fastest rate and is taking share from metal windows, particularly in the residential market. Wood windows comprise a very small portion of the total, with their use generally limited to high-end residential construction.

Door Demand: Demand for this segment is expected to advance 8.2 percent annually through 2014 to 111 billion yuan. Wood is the dominant material, and the emergence of wood doors made from new composite materials, such as plastic/wood composites, will further support advances in overall wood door demand. Metal doors account for nearly a quarter of the door market in China where they mainly serve as entrance doors in both residential and non-residential applications.

Residential Demand: The residential market accounted for 54 percent of door and window demand in 2009. That is projected to rise 7.4 percent per year to 192.5 billion yuan in 2014, boosted by growth in spending on residential construction, especially in the urban-based multi-family market. Demand for doors and windows in the nonresidential segment is expected to grow faster, rising 8.1 percent per year, due to strong construction activity in institutional and industrial markets.

Further information on the study can be obtained through the Freedonia Group.


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