AAMA 920-11, Specification for Operating Cycle Performance of Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems, has been revised and re-published by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

AAMA 920-11 establishes a standard test method and set of performance criteria for side-hinged exterior door systems and their associated hardware under accelerated operating conditions. This test method is not intended to determine the useful life expectancy of doors in service as a result of the data obtained during the test, according to AAMA. AAMA officials say that it will, however, provide an indication of the effects that cycling will have on the door and door hardware connections and provide minimum performance criteria for door systems in order to achieve a specified performance class and grade.

The specification was developed by AAMA’s Door Cycle Task Group, chaired by Larry Livermore of Architectural Testing Inc. Updated from the previous 2003 edition of the document, the revised document includes a number of clarifications regarding the test specimen itself. In addition, the pass/fail criteria have been expanded to include many of the components used in a side-hinged exterior door.

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