When an F3 tornado ripped through Hot Springs Village, Ark., on April 25, Matthew Burr, door and window buyer for Village Home Center, a full-service lumberyard, may not have realized the impact this would have on his business. While his business location suffered no damage, many homes lost doors and windows in the storm.

Yet surprisingly, Burr says no homeowners are asking about impact-resistant products.

“I was shocked they haven’t,” says Burr. “That want something to put in their homes and get on with their lives.”

He adds, “I’ve brought it up but no one has been interested.”

It may not be that shocking, however, when you consider that this is the first tornado of this magnitude to come through the area, adds Burr.

“There are people who have been here their whole lives who haven’t had a tornado come through,” he says.

In fact, tornadoes and extreme weather are so rare in the area that Village Home Center doesn’t normally even carry impact-resistant products, but can get them through its suppliers, PlyGem and Windsor.

Despite the disinterest in such products, though, in his area, Burr says he doesn’t see the need for new doors and windows slowing down anytime soon.

“Our business had slowed down prior to the tornado but after that it picked up quite a bit,” he says. “There is a lot of rebuilding to do and it will last for a while.”

For more on the recent tornadoes and how this will change the building industry, look to the July-August issue of DWM/Shelter magazine.

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