The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is holding its summer conference this week in Minneapolis. Yesterday the Green and Sustainability Development Task Group made further progress toward a green product certification program which is based on a point allocation system.

The group reviewed the results of the most recent ballot of the AAMA Green Certification Program criteria for R and LC class products, and addressed each of the ballot comments. The group now is working on making revisions as needed, based on the ballot comments, and plans to re-ballot the criteria prior to its fall meeting. Tracy Rogers, chair, says the goal is to finalize the document at the fall meeting.

Brent Slaton of Keymark Corp., chair of the Aluminum Materials Council Green and Sustainability Committee, also spoke during the meeting about the development status of the AAMA Green Certification Program criteria for CW and AW class products , while Roger LeBrun of VELUX America, chair of the team, discussed development of a version of the program for unit skylights and sloped glazed products. The program for CW and AW class products also will undergo some revisions as a result of the most recent ballot and is scheduled to be re-balloted prior to the fall conference.

According to AAMA, the skylight and sloped glazing program will not be developed until the other two programs are completed, in order to make all three consistent.

The AAMA Sealants for Installation Task Group also was one of several groups that met yesterday. During that meeting, consultant Norma Searle, Ph.D., made a presentation about accelerated weathering tests for sealants.

Today, AAMA named its annual scholarship winners 

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