Crystal Window and Door Systems reports that despite the continued challenging economic climate, the company achieved a notable increase in sales for its fiscal year ending April 30, 2011. Crystal’s annual revenues from aluminum and vinyl doors and windows and high-end fenestration systems for the 12-month period of May 1, 2010, through April 30, 2011, increased 13 percent over the previous year.

Sales in the New York Metro Area contributed the most towards the growth, with the New England and Midwest regions also contributing to a lesser degree, according to the company.

“It is a remarkable achievement for Crystal to continue to increase sales at a time when construction across the New York metro area and other regions is still depressed,” says Steve Chen, executive vice president.

One factor contributing to the increased sales is a major radio advertising campaign on one of the largest New York metro area stations.

“We definitely saw sales increase throughout the region as a result of the campaign, and we added well over 100 new trade customers during that period,” says Chen.

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